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Updated: Feb 5, 2018

Attempting to unpack the second transformational breath class.

December 15, 2017

When I attempt to unfold the events of my wild and exciting explorations into realms of spirituality, human psyche and body connectivity, a certain level of misfortune gets inadvertently added to the discussion. I say this because what happens for me is entirely dependent upon my own unique experiences and cannot wholly account for what something like, Transformational Breath, will be for anyone else. In offering it as a recommendation, the most I can say past what I retell in my stories, are the simple yet encouraging words of, "Try it for yourself."

It was, however, a little uncanny to hear the facilitator describe the series of stages that most undergo and how completely matching it was to my first experience. 

Second Attempt..

In my second transformational breath class, I found myself entangled in a battle of now complete body paralysis and the effectiveness of the breath work itself. As I entered into the oxygenated state, the body began to tingle and shortly there after, certain limbs had become completely enveloped in a taught numbness. I had the appropriately named "lobster claw" hands that had clamped down and were refusing to open. Sensing the pain and discomfort, I struggled to get free from this gripping state. I realized I was struggling against my own inner healer. I was holding on to whatever it was that had caused this disturbance and refusing to allow the breath, which was there to rectify that error in the system, work itself in.

I realized I was struggling against my own inner healer.

In my mind I had called on helpers to come and place their hands on me to help alleviate the awkward, now cramping state that I was in. Calming hands were placed on different parts of my body and I directed the attention towards those parts.

It calmed the mind to feel noticed, but I was not in the clear yet. I moved the breath down further into the body.. One breath, two breaths, maybe fifty breaths if thats what it took before the tension was gone and the blockage could be released.

Last time I had an intense fit of crying. This time I struggled to overcome the immense physical hurdle that presented itself. I remember sweating as I endured the exhausting battle to bring the breath in and down towards the lower parts of my body. My only option was to continue to breathe and keep awareness at where the healers were directing my focus to go.

Beyond the Blockages..

As I began to feel the body relaxing and the breath penetrated those tight blockages, I soon felt that desired connectivity with the Universe. Invigorating colors began to trickle up my spine and over my body. Sensing that the battle was over, Gaia came to me now that I had fully let go. She came peacefully, her bright light shining overhead. As I drew in more and more life with each breath, I beckoned her in, to which she traveled in through my mouth and down into my belly. From my ayahuasca ceremonies I am familiar with the work she does. So I allowed her to traverse through my body, seeking, healing and nurturing those parts that needed her unfathomable attention and care. Entrenching herself into my stomach, I felt the churning of her serpent body there, collecting, moving and smoothing over all that was tainted.

It was brief, but it was a genuine moment in Universal connectivity. I've learned to not count the seconds, but to simply appreciate the occurrence. They come with such a vibrant, raw tenacity, that long after the moment has passed, the sensations and imagery can stay with me for months. Years if I continue on a steady practice of meditation, reflection and sharing of these events as they happen. Getting them out can sometimes create a more lasting memory, like the recordings of your dreams. So, as stated in my opening paragraph, try it for yourself and see because I cannot guarantee what will happen for you. And whatever you encounter, be as open to it as you can. As they say - It was the perfect breathing experience for a more perfect self.


Visionary Art by Anderson Debernardi

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