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Updated: Feb 5, 2018

Connecting once again with the higher self, moments of spiritual bliss come to me.

December 06, 2017

Tonight, while resting with Coco amidst the flittering bats, chirping insects and usual array of opossums, raccoons and other night stalkers, I was able to connect once again to my higher self.

Flash Back..

Recently, during the first attempt at Transformational Breath, I had come to witness this embodiment. After major emotional releases, I could sense this self radiating with an air of authenticity. There, right there before my eyes, was the true self harmonizing with the Universe. It was beautiful and as quickly as it came, was then abruptly intruded upon by images of self-doubt, worries and fear.

I cried at this unfortunate aberration. In my sobs, I asked, how could something so brilliant get marred by these unsolicited ads? I begged for that image of my higher self to be returned, and I was met with more sobs and echoes of the fear saying, "You do not know how to be this person." I implored, "Show me! Don't take this beautiful thing away! Show me how to become what I saw! Allow me to emanate with that light and tune myself to that beautiful frequency!"

But the image was gone and the breath-work had ended. The music cut off and we were sat up in our chairs. I didn't feel cheated. On the contrary, I felt gratitude and pride in myself for advancing past huge emotional blockages. It was challenging to say the least, physically as well as mentally. As for witnessing this higher self.. well, that alone was a special gift! And to also be made aware of what was impeding that great form, was truly monumental. That night, I saw both what I wanted and what I needed to see.

They were merely the illicit propaganda serving to unfasten my dreams from a chosen reality. 

So while were on this night hike, I asked if I could see that form again. Draw on it for inspiration to help mold my actions towards that image. I instead saw again what was preventing it from being. But I noticed something different this time. I could see that these images were in fact just posters. Thin, maleable, paper-like materials capable of being torn down and thrown away. They were not enormous, ironclad fences that imprisoned me. Not at all. They were merely the illicit propaganda serving to unfasten my dreams from a chosen reality. 

So I thought, why not tear them all down! I practiced pulling them off imaginary walls. Feeling their brittleness in my hands as I crumpled and tossed them away. Such comfort came from their frailty being exposed. In their absence I was once again able to stand before the Divine. And from here, I could connect to my heart and feel its resonance in every step I took to get back home. That invisible chord that connects me to my Spirit Guide, Coco was alive and well. I felt my breath run out my lips, mix with the cool night air and vibrate that unique tone that I had only heard before in dreams.

Lead us from unreal to Real.

Lead us from darkness to Light.

Lead us from the fear of death,

To knowledge of Immortality.

asato mā sadgamaya

tamaso mā jyotirgamaya

mrtyormā amrtam gamaya

Oṁ śhānti - śhānti - śhānti

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