Quilotoa, Ecuador
Quilotoa, Ecuador

3930m, A volcanic crater lake located within the Andean Cordilleras | 2016

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San Gil, Colombia
San Gil, Colombia

Waterfalls located within the Tres Cordilleras | 2016

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Costa Rica to Panama
Costa Rica to Panama

Uso típico de mi pasaporte | 2015

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Quilotoa, Ecuador
Quilotoa, Ecuador

3930m, A volcanic crater lake located within the Andean Cordilleras | 2016

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Writing is what allows me to
remember and s
haring those stories
is what fuels the journey.


mandog wears a lot of hats. His current wearing of captain, scuba instructor, researcher and explorer fills him with such a passion for life, that the fires inside cannot be extinguished. Every day is a day in paradise, surrounded by beautiful nature and working with truly inspirational people.

From October 2015 to October 2016 he sold off almost all of his belongings and traveled to Central and South America for the year. He came back with a lifetime of memories and included within here are many of those stories.

Previously, he had studied graphic arts at UNCC and graduated with a BFA in graphic design. He still dabbles in the field, exhibiting artworks with photography as his medium of choice. He is continually looking at the world through the lens of a designer and photographer, capturing the moments and paying close attention to the details.



mandog writes in such a way, that the viewer gains access to the experience through the usage of prolific, sensory descriptions. Envelop yourself in first-hand encounters with shamanistic cultures, natural disasters, compositions of mindfulness, spiritual explorations and comical anecdotes.


You will be greeted by fun-loving characters, witness profound occurrences and sometimes share in a laugh or maybe even shed a tear. 


The idea is simply to experience
it as if you were there!



"WOW!!! This young man is so talented in his ability to paint a picture with words."

— Chip | Charlotte, NC

"I admire the way you appreciate the native cultures and how ready you are to embrace their mystique."

— Ed | Quito, Ecuador

"I am terribly envious, but mostly so very honored to be allowed to experience your adventures!"

— Donna | Stuart, FL

"You have a great talent for bringing together the physical and emotional description along with soulful reflection."

— Brittini | Colorado Springs, Colorado

"We are so happy to hear that you are doing well, truly enjoying life the way its meant to be lived and arrived safely."

— Natalie and Kevon | Washington, D.C.

"Your writing on No. 7 is just beautiful, worthy of publication. I loved every line and sentence. Photography is magnificent."

— Ed | Concord, NC

"Thank you for sharing your journey in such raw and genuine ways. So thrilled for you as you continue to explore yourself and the communities you touch."

— Paul and Jackie | Washington, D.C.

"I read this with a huge smile on my face. Living the dream."

— Claudie | Jupiter, FL

"Thank you for living this life and sharing your adventures with the rest of us."

— Ann | Charlotte, NC

"A big HUG from all of us missing and remembering you."

— Sandy | Quito, Ecuador

"It was very interesting reading about your experiences and we truly appreciate the time and effort you put into doing this."

— Butch and Amy | Fairfax, Virginia

"Best of luck on your continued journey. We send you love, peace and many blessings"

Harving and Jackie | Washington, D.C.

"His love for the Ocean is incredible."

— Dave | Charlotte, NC

"Damn... you be writing bomb-ass verbiage. I am like totally there with you."

— Kelly | Jacksonville, Florida